Land at Parkfield Road, Newbold, Rugby, CV21 1HF

The Offer

Flood Risk

The majority of the site is within Flood Zone 1, with the northern corner falling into Flood Zone 2. Visit for more information regarding flooding.


The vendor seeks to dispose of the freehold title; copies of the title information are available in the documents section.

Note that Severn Trent will impose their standard ‘flies and smells’ clause in any transfer to prohibit residential development and ensure there are odour management attenuation within any new development. Full details are shown in the documents section on the wording which covers this.


Freehold subject to a short term licence. See documents section for copy of the title and licence agreement.


In the documents section is a full planning appraisal of site from GL Hearn. However, in short their summary states:

"This site is within the defined urban area of Rugby, and has a policy context that supports, in principle, development within the Rugby urban area. We would however expect an appropriate employment use of the site to be a deemed acceptable in planning terms, particularly given the site’s potential to contribute to the evidenced requirement for ‘smaller sized’ employment.

There is a clear commitment to employment provision set out by the emerging (soon to be adopted) Local Plan, and whilst the Local Plan expects the employment needs of Rugby to be delivered by way of site specific allocations and the protection of existing employment sites, Local Plan policy ED2 supports employment use (excluding office/Class B1a) within the urban area boundary, subject to environmental and amity impacts to neighbouring sites and uses.

On that basis we consider the prospect for developing the site for employment purposes to be medium to high."

For further information on your proposed use we recommend parties contact the local authority - please visit


The purchaser will buy the property as seen and shall accept a transfer of all environmental liability at completion in the vendor’s standard form and will indemnify the vendor against all liabilities arising.


The property is elected for VAT so will be chargeable on the purchase price.

Data Room

For further information on this opportunity, please visit the documents section of this website for detailed information, including the title plan, copy of the current licence (as associated title information), disposal plan, planning appraisal, flood map, EPC, environmental report and topographical survey.

Agents for this property

Andrew Smith FRICS SIOR
Carter Jonas - Partner Commercial
Direct Dial: +44 (0)20 7518 3242
Mobile: +44 (0)7919 326085

Caroline Penn-Smith
Direct Dial: 0121 306 0376
Mobile: 07342 067831